Sensei Andrea Guarelli, Chairman & Founder IMKA
Shinpo Matayoshi, 1921 - 1997
Shinko Matayoshi, 1888 - 1947
Shinjo Gima Oyakata, 1557 - 1664
Shinpo Matayoshi and Andrea Guarelli
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An Open Letter from the Nation Founders of IMKA




The purpose of I.M.K.A. is to further the art of Okinawan Matayoshi Kobudō
as taught by the Matayoshi family, and promote the growth and development of its members by providing
programs and events that  teach
Okinawan culture, history, and perfection of technique.

New Book Available Now!
The History, Tools and Techniques of The Ancient Martial Art
Okinwan Kobudo
By Sensei Andrea Guarelli

from Skyhorse Publishing, New York, NY


Japan’s Ryukyu archipelago was the birthplace of two methods of self-defense now practiced worldwide: Okinawan Karate and Ryukyu Kobujutsu, known as Okinawan Kobudo. Kobudo is the study of weapons adapted from the tools of farming and fishing.Okinawan Kobudo reveals, for the first time through print and photographs, the rich history and techniques of this most prestigious martial art known worldwide as Matayoshi.Andrea Guarelli traces the history of Matayoshi Kobudo, explores the background of each weapon, and demonstrates the form and technique of practice through rare photos, many of which the author took while a student of Shinpo Matayoshi Sensei (1921–1997).

Guarelli Book Cover